August 25, 2019

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Find Updates on the Michigan Avenue Construction Project



Michigan Ave Water Main Replacement:


The contractor has begun installation of the long and short side services on the block of Michigan Ave from Eagle to Jefferson and should be completed by early next week.  Eastlund Concrete will be back next week to finish the last bump outs, ADA ramps and the miscellaneous sidewalk repairs.  The remaining trench areas may be paved late next week or just after Labor Day weekend.  It is anticipated that the work will be completed prior to September 6th with possibly some small items remaining after that date.   It has been planned that paving would being on Michigan Ave starting September 9th, however due to a labor dispute within the contractor’s organization it is not currently known if the paving project will start at that time or if it will be delayed.        


Tentative overall schedule for water main project:

• April 29, 2019 - Phase 1 work will start.
Marshall Ave to Jefferson St – North Side. Work will progress from Marshall Ave working westerly.
• Mid May – Sidewalk will be removed and water service installations will begin for Phase 1.
• Early June – Phase 1 water main will be completed
• Mid-June – Phase 2 – Traffic control will be set-up and work will begin 
Phase 2 – Brooks Fountain to Jefferson Ave. - South Side. Work will progress from the Fountain easterly.
• Early July – Sidewalk will be removed and water service installations will begin for Phase 2.
• Late July/Early Aug (Date TBD) – Phase 3 will start (Weekend Michigan Ave Street Closure @ Eagle Street)
Eagle Street intersection – Friday to Sunday complete Michigan Ave closure with detours.
• Completion Mid- August
• The contractor is aware of the following events and we will be accommodating these during the construction per their contract. These include the May 18 – Hospitality Classic, May 27 – Memorial Day Parade, June 22 – Blue’s Fest and July 4 – Chicken BBQ.

Things to know:
• No on-street parking will be allowed, within the construction areas, during each phase of the project. Please direct patrons to the public lots behind the buildings. Signs will be erected within the construction zone directing people to these public parking lots throughout the project.
• Water outages will be minimized as best we can. 
• When services are tied over into the new water main, individual businesses will experience a water outage of approximately one hour long. 
• We will either be hanging door tags or making personal contact prior to these outages to assist with scheduling as best we can. Being aware of where the contractor is working will help you to anticipate the timing of your individual service installation.
• The city has hired Stantec Consulting to assist us in field management of the project. Marc Hubbel with Stantec, will be on-site throughout the project and assist in notifications during the project. Additionally folks are welcome to contact the city at 269-781-5183 or the Engineering Department at 269-558-0323.
• If there are issues that occur that need to be addressed please contact city staff to work through the issue rather than talking with the contractor and their employees as they don’t always have the resources to deal with certain situations.
• Please keep in mind that construction schedules can be impacted by weather and other unanticipated issues that can create schedule delays. The City and our contractor are well aware of the frustrations that exist around construction project such as this and we will do our very best to communicate as efficiently as we can and try to minimize these disruptions.




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