April 25, 2024

Environmental Department






The City of Marshall’s Environmental Department acts as a coordinating entity, ensuring the efficient and effective implementation of environmental management within our City. By setting an example for its citizens the City anticipates that widespread public awareness and public support for action on the environment will be enhanced and responsible environmental citizenship will be promoted. The Environmental Department takes on its responsibility with pride and commitment to the City of Marshall’s citizens and environment. As a progressive city, it is important that we balance the needs of a growing population with the responsibility of environmental stewardship. The City of Marshall Environmental Department serves the City by providing the following services:

  • Wastewater collection and treatment plant support via the Industrial Pretreatment Program and Pollution Prevention initiatives.
  • Water production and distribution support via management of the Wellhead Protection Program, Cross Connection Control Program, and the Abandoned Well Management Program.
  • Working with the County to provide education, recycling opportunities, and other solid waste services, such as the household hazardous waste program, tire and appliance collections, Compost Center, etc.
  • Storm Water Management
  • Phosphorus TMDL reduction 
  • Marshall Area Conservation Committee (MACC)
  • Environmental Site Assessment & Clean Up support
  • Community Environmental Education and Programs