March 25, 2023

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2022 Street Improvements #1 Map ~198 KB
City Charter ~435 KB

City of Marshall Charter - Revised November 8, 2016.

FY 2023 Adopted Budget ~30855 KB
Zoning Ordinance ~11035 KB
FY 2023 PROPOSED Budget ~30810 KB
Title VI Non-Discrimination Plan ~302 KB
Water Quality Report 2022 ~216 KB

 Water Quality Report for 2022.  For those wishing a hard copy of the report, please call Aaron Ambler @ 269-558-0328.

2022 Boards/Commissions Listing ~32 KB
Energy Optimization Rebates- Residential ~240 KB

Energy Rebates for Residential Customers 2022-2023

Energy Optimization Rebates- Commercial ~719 KB

Energy Optimization Rebates for Commerical Customers 2022-2023

Freedom of Information Request Form ~185 KB
Council Rules of Procedure adopted December 7, 2020 ~134 KB
2023 City Council Meeting Dates ~122 KB
2020-2024 Draft Parks and Recreation Master Plan ~2952 KB

City of Marshall Parks and Recreation Master Plan to be approved by City Council

2019 South NIA Development and TIF plan ~2767 KB
Customer Portal for Water Customers ~174 KB

 The customer portal is available for water customers with a new water meter.  You will be able to see water consumption, set alerts for leaks and over use and manage your water consumption.Billing information is not available on this site.