May 29, 2024

Oakridge Cemetery

 Originally developed in 1839, the Oakridge Cemetery property is 65 acres in size and composed of four developed sections. Oakridge Cemetery has approximately 15,800 burials and is one of the oldest and historic operating cemeteries in Michigan. The Department of Public Works is the department responsible for the management and the general care of the Cemetery property grounds. This includes mowing and trimming of grass, maintenance of drives, trimming of trees, and shrubs, as well as decoration removal twice a year.  

In addition to routine property maintenance, the Public Works employees also typically complete approximately 80 internments each year in the cemetery. Oakridge Cemetery is a place of natural beauty and order. Rules were adopted so that one can express their love and loss for a loved one while preserving the appearance of the cemetery for the enjoyment of all visitors. Oakridge Cemetery assumes no responsibility for the protection or maintenance of any decorations or grave markers. This includes decoration and markers that may be damaged in the course of normal cemetery operations. Unsightly or prohibited decorations will be removed and disposed of during the course of normal grounds maintenance. This is for the safety of the cemetery staff. Please contact the city with any questions you may have on decoration placement. The cemetery staff is under no obligation to notify visitors of the removal and disposal of any decorations.  



 The City of Marshall Public Works staff will begin Cemetery Decoration removal on March 28, 2022.  Owners who wish to retain lot decorations whether on the marker, in the urns, or on the ground are asked to remove them prior to this date or they will be removed and disposed of.


Summer decorations may be placed on the lots beginning April 4, 2022.