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How do I check for leaks on my water system?




Leaking faucets, pipes and wasted water can cost a resident a lot of money, not to mention the waste of one our most precious resources.  One way to prevent waste of water is to do a check of your faucets and piping in your residence once a year.  Make sure that faucets don’t drip, all joints on your pipes are secure and that there are no apparent leaks.  A pinhole leak could waste up to 170 gallons of water in one day.  On most water meters there is a small triangle that indicates when even the smallest amount of water is passing through.  If you know you are not running water at that time and the triangle is turning then there is a leak somewhere. 

Most leaks happen in the toilet, some small enough that you don’t even hear them.  To check if your toilet is leaking from the tank to the bowl food coloring could be added to the tank.  If the water in the bowl turns colors without flushing then there is a leak.  Another common waste of water is a water softener regenerating more than it should.  Have your softener checked periodically to make sure that it is running the way it should.  These two examples are the most common when a resident has an abnormally high water bill. 

posted 10-08-2012 [Water]