July 25, 2024

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Water Distribution

As part of the Public Services Department the Water Distribution crew is responsible for the maintenance and repair of approximately 55 miles of various sized water mains. In addition to the mains, the Water Distribution crew is also tasked with the care of approximately 2,800 water services, 488 fire hydrants and numerous valves throughout the distribution network.

Once the water is pumped and treated at the Water Treatment Plant, it becomes the responsibility of the Water Distribution crew to ensure that the water reaches every individual water customer on the system. In order to guarantee the safe movement of the drinking water through the system, the distribution crew completes systematic maintenance of the system throughout the year. One of these maintenance programs is the bi-annual flushing of the water mains. By closing valves and opening hydrants in an organized way, the distribution crew is able to “flush” and maintain the quality of the water to its customers and determine that flows and fire protection are adequate.

As part of this distribution system the City also operates two elevated storage tanks (water towers) for water storage and system pressure. Total elevated storage is currently 700,000 gallons.

posted 12-03-2010 [Water]